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Voyeurism Loves Exhibitionism

Pasquale Salerno shares A Perversion. And if you like that, you might enjoy Wolf 189′s Show Girl, though frankly, Motion and Balance is far more eloquent.

Other Signs of Springs

WINE & DINETake to the Streets I don’t like to walk and eat (too messy!), and I hate the taste of wooden sticks and skewers. Yet, there’s something about a bustling city street dotted with steaming food stands and vendors that makes me happy. I’ll take a stroll the crowd, even if I’m not moved […]


Here are two photos from our recent trip to Kuwait. While there, we went to the Kuwait fish market where they hold daily auctions of local fish and “foreign” fish (caught in non-Kuwaiti waters). The action’s wild, with a few hundred buyers vying for bucketsful of various varieties of fish and shellfish to be sold […]

Julian Barnes

The masterful Julian Barnes returns with an epic, complex, and fascinating tale of two men brought together by a third, fictional character: Sherlock Holmes. In the midst of grieving the death of his wife, Holmes’ creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is roused from a deep depression when he receives a letter from a man who […]

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