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Music Is but an Instrument of Poetry

FILM AND MUSIC You’re Gonna Miss Me at Sound Unseen This weekend is really about Sound Unseen — no secret there. But there are definitely a couple of films worth mentioning. When a film is compared to Gus Van Sant’s Gerry and Vincent Gallo’s The Brown Bunny, you have to stop and listen (if only […]


I admit that after a lifelong obsession with automotive things, I never really got what the fuss was about Bugatti. Until I actually saw one, then sat in it, then started it up at the national automotive museum in Alsace. Its all clear now. Ettore Bugatti was the son of a sculptor who is exhibited […]

God hates fruity fruit flies

Watch out for the gay married terrorists Bad news today in the NY Times for all the religious nut cases. It seems there are gay fruit flies, and they may be after your sons and daughters. Ok, I’m kidding about your sons and daughters. But, scientists have discovered that they can implant a certain gene […]

Sinking the SUV

Even as the first production Hummers and Gelandewagens begin to roll on local streets, there’s a growing national chorus of self-righteous folks complaining about the sport utility vehicle. When Arianna Huffington and Jesus agree on anything, there’s clearly something afoot.Sure, there is much to hate about these biggie-sized vehicles. And yet all this kvetching is […]

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