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Girl Power!

ART Japanese Visual Culture: The Power of Girls’ Comics Shojo Manga! Girl Power! East and West is an internationally touring exhibition that celebrates the evolution of Japanese comics for girls from the postwar era to the present. Manja are Japanese comics. Sojo manga are Japanese comics for girls. These comics reflect the evolution of social […]

So. How Was Your Birkie?

Hear hear on the fleecing we cross-country skiers are now suffering at Three Rivers [“Getting Fleeced,” February]. It is a pain in the rear, but if it makes skiing better, I guess I can take it. Now we hear that the state DNR is cracking down on skiers as well, but you just have to […]

The British Superbowl

Last week, the whole office adjourned to the Walker to see the British TV advertising awards. It got me wondering, among other things, whether somewhere in Great Britain , there was a crowd of urbane hipsters gathering to see the American TV commercial awards. Probably not. Which is not to say that we can’t make […]


Always up for an experiment, Flaneur Productions distributed a top-secret passage from an obscure work of literature to a group of six local performers earlier this year. Each was instructed to use the text (still secret as of press time), along with the show’s creepy venue (a former coffin factory), as inspiration for the beginning […]

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