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Halo 3? Not this one.

My favorite Madonna. From Eddie Munch. Looks troubled. Saints are frequently (always? help me as I am not Catholic) depicted with halos around their heads. In the car biz, there are certain revered cars that emit a similar glow. And few halo cars are worshiped more fervently than the BMW M3. That is why the […]

Bourbon Balls

I was not invited to this one… I have a hard time with the cookie exchange thing. You’re famailiar with the premise, no? Each guest is to bring a dozen cookies per attendee, you swap your dozens for the others’ dozens and wind up with a fabulous assortment of holiday treats. At least that’s the […]

Bush Decries Fictional Gay Marriages

According to Huffington Post writer Andy Borowitz, Bush is seeking to ban gay marriages between fictitious characters. For crying out loud!

Attempting to Fly While Muslim

I had a hard time deciding whether to write about the “Imam Incident” or the “Bleskachek Blunder“. They both offer up the easy target of political correctness run amok. Everyone’s upset about Muslims being put off the plane, and everyone should be upset about Mayor Rybak appointing someone to a top city job who would […]

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