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Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker: Once

Dance without music would fall pretty flat, but it seems that many modern choreographers are afraid to make bold choices in this area, lest it overshadow their own work. Not Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. The last time the Belgian choreographer came to town, in 1999, she and her company worked with Steve Reich’s thunderous composition […]

Glen Taylor Opens another Can of Worms

Copyright AFP/GETTY IMAGES, photo by Ronald Martinez For a man who has made a billion dollars on wedding invitations, Glen Taylor sometimes isn’t a very bright guy. Yesterday’s comments to the daily beat writers–"KG tanked it" is the money quote–is a perfect example of how Taylor keeps cutting off the nose of this franchise to […]

Skirt Chasers

My sporty friends, there is now an entire company dedicated to hawking athletic skorts. You’ll find ‘em at The founder, so says the press release, is Nicole DeBoom, an Ironman champion who just so happens to be married to superstar triathlete Tim DeBoom. Anyhoo, wearing these polypro skirts can be a sport in and […]

The Beginning of a Story That Doesn't Yet Have an Ending

We asked the captain what course of action he proposed to take toward a beast so large, terrifying, and unpredictable. He hesitated to answer, then said judiciously: "I think I shall praise it." –Robert Hass, from Praise Every once in awhile he would experience a disorienting moment –these instances were almost like seizures– in which […]

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