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Begging for a Turkey Hangover

PERFORMANCEHangover Hotel — sick poems and twisted grooves What artist doesn’t long to be described as having "a distinctive style that defies commercialization"? Warhol? Perhaps… hence defying commercialization. Perhaps. What I most enjoy about our vain attempts at describing art to the "consumer" are the lengths we go to to say so little. "A distinctive […]

Muja Messiah's Debut Album

"Don’t wait for the critics to jump on this dude before you start giving it up," says everybody’s favorite Albino rhymer, Brother Ali. He’s speaking about Muja Messiah, the latest local rapper to make a big splash in the national underground hip-hop scene. "Muja is the shit. The man is right with his." So this […]


After a hectic weekend of entertaining, Monday can be daunting. Friday night we hosted a cooking class at our house for seven people. We did a kind of Spring Thing with sauteed leeks and asparagus over polenta and halibut with freshly made pesto. I made basil ice cream with lemon-rosemary pound cake for dessert, because […]

Bouncing Around: Sid, Stadia, KG and the Draft

Most of the time I either ignore or mock Sid Hartman’s ravings–it’s better on the blood pressure. But this morning’s Strib column, entitled “Minneapolis City Council could step up, but it won’t,” hit a nerve and continues to aggravate. So I guess today is the day to call out this asshole. The thrust of the […]

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