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New Year’s Eve: Debbie Duncan/Nachito Herrera at the Dakota

New Year’s is one of those holidays where you can find yourself in a roomful of friendly strangers. In recent years, though, we’ve come to view it more like Thanksgiving—it’s so much more fun to be with people you know and love. Well, Debbie Duncan certainly qualifies. She’s one of the Twin Cities’ most beloved […]

Indigo Girls

The late-80s bloom of radio-friendly female folkies came and went, as did the Lilith Fair phenomenon. But the Atlanta duo of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray hasn’t faded away. Their gift for hook-laden harmonies is part of the reason, but most of the credit for the Girls’ longevity is due to the fact that they’re […]

The Figure and the Landscape

Figure and landscape. Sculpture and photography — black and white landscape photography, to be precise. What’s the connection? Go see a beautiful exploration by recognized Minnesota sculptors and photographers at the Vine Art Center. Experience "the powerful and sensual nature of landscape and figurative work." The exhibition, which runs from May 2nd to June 24th, […]

Talk Radio for Women

So what do you get when you take a huge risk on launching a female-oriented FM talk radio station back in June of 2002? You get blackjack!!!!!! When Todd Fisher first told me that Hubbard Broadcasting was going to launch a new talk-radio format…. I was elated! Finally, a well-respected family-owned business was going to […]

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