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Crapping on the Koran, part 2

Will wonders never cease? The conservative columnist of the NY Times, David Brooks, came to the defense of Newsweek today. Brooks takes note of the fact that radical Islamists hardly need a short item in an American magazine with an excellent reputation to incite them to senseless violence against almost everyone. He doesn’t actually put […]

Expatriot Act

There are few things the Irish enjoy more than a decent pint or an English football team falling from grace ungracefully. Having both at once, now you’ve hit the jackpot. This month, the more worldly local sports bars—or at least Hibernian pubs with DirecTV—will provide dozens of opportunities to tickle the fancy of an Irishman.Since […]

Everyone's A Meta-Critic

On Friday, Timothy Noah published the results of his online survey which asked the question, “If you had to pay to read each New York Times columnist, how much would you pay?” Apropos of the Times announcing that they were going to place their columnists in a premium subscription-only area of the Times website, Noah […]

My Heart's Antietam, Or: I Believe That Bloody Pomegranate You're Holding In Your Fist, Madam, Belongs To Me

–Daniel Corrigan, Eddie Potomac. Publicity photos for Warriors: The Musical. 1984. I don’t know if there’s a way to measure how high you are, but I was super high. I was baked to the point where my brain was running two or three steps behind my tongue. Or maybe it was the other way around. […]

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