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Plastic Surgery Consultant? Really?

You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s not bad enough we waste so much time and energy (and lives) on vanity; now we’re hiring consultants? Here’s a press release that just came across my desk for a plastic surgery consultant. I like how the first tip is to not fall in love with your surgeon. […]

Tears of the Black Tiger

Mix the rich color cinematography of Douglas Sirk with the gushing violence of Sam Peckinpah, fold in the kind of Thai melodrama that has all but vanished from the international movie landscape, and you’ve got Tears of the Black Tiger, a film that moves with the force of a hurricane blasting apart a great marzipan […]

Ballet of the Dolls Does Barbarella

You have only a couple more nights to catch the Ballet of the Dolls rendition of Barbarella — the comic book, turned Jane Fonda sci-fi movie, turned Ballet of the Dolls cabaret. While it sticks to the screenplay perhaps a little too much — using actual images and dialog clips from the movie — you […]

A Knight for a Day

Giving a sharp sword to a hyper-ass eight-year-old boy goes against all parental logic. But that’s exactly what happened at the "Knight for a Day Camp," a place where kids are whole-heartedly encouraged to go completely medieval. The "Knight for a Day" summer camp was put on by The Oakeshott Institute, a Twin Cities foundation […]

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