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Bergman Tribute: All Is Not Lost

Few filmmakers can be said to have had as tremendous an impact on film as Ingmar Bergman. With 62 films under his belt before his death this past July, Bergman influenced some of the greatest filmmakers today — Woody Allen, Robert Altman, David Lynch — and ultimately set a standard for film students across the […]

My Fifth Wife's Life

I received an e-mail that this Ron guy insisted I publish along with a picture of his scarcely-aged trophy (above). This has not been spell-checked and is re-produced unmolested (bad choice of word?) I am writing this on behalf of my wife and son to your snarky blogger named Bert. My name is Ron Spellman […]


Banks are about delayed gratification: today’s pleasure denied for a better tomorrow. And hotel restaurants often aren’t about gratification at all: You are a stranger in a strange town, you’re tired, you’re hungry and you’re on an expense account, so why not just eat here? But Bank, the upscale dining room in the new Westin […]

Our Dear Friend "Utah" Phillips

We just received this email from Red House Records, and thought you all should know: It is with great regret that Red House Records mourns the loss of our friend Bruce "Utah" Phillips who passed away Friday the 23rd at his home in Nevada City, California. In a time when words like "icon" and "legend" […]

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