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Gastronomy in Germany? Ja, Sicher!

photo: diners in Bad Lauterberg listen to the bawdy stories of Fra Davolo Goettingen, Germany. Most people don’t come to this German university town in search of great cuisine, and I didn’t either. I came because my father is recovering from quintuple bypass surgery at a clinic near here. Everything you have heard about prices […]

You Gotta Pay to Play—not!

I read with gratitude Joe Pastoor’s recent article “All Shook Down: Is ASCAP kneecapping your corner coffee shop?”[November]. As one of those interviewed for the article, I offer these observations. BMI spokesman Jerry Bailey is not correct when he says that “if a business owner is not playing BMI music, he/she has nothing to worry […]

Soundtrack to Mary

We’ve all heard about the different levels of grief and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Lately I’ve had reason to re-examine the varying levels of “relevance and cool” in the music business. There are phases, to be exact. Level 1. You start out, fresh, unknown, and interestingly unstudied. Someone more famous than yourself has gone […]

Ottimo Massimo

Of course, the biggest A-and-E news of the day, at least in the circles I shake in, is the Ween concert at the Historic State Theater. (Will they leave burrito smears on the curtains?) But that’s not exactly a secret now, is it? However, those Venetian mask makers I referred to last week are starring […]

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