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Roman de Gare

It has been more than 40 years since renowned French writer/director Claude Lelouch won the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival and multiple Oscars for A Man and a Woman in 1966. But praise in the French press has eluded Lelouch, even after releasing 40 films since. So, to test the bias of the […]

“Minneapolis 55408”

People sometimes say that if a meteor struck Uptown, the Twin Cities would lose half its artistic community. While we’re still waiting for NASA to get back to us on the scientific accuracy of that metaphor, it’s certainly true that Intermedia Arts’ annual celebration of the Hennepin & Lake ZIP code’s creative set has no […]

The Genie and His Decorative Light-Diffusing Novelty Lamp

For a guy who spends all year thinking about Halloween, Will Niskanen could hardly be described as scary. Slight and soft-spoken, dressed in khakis and brown loafers, and exhibiting the good manners of a Boy Scout, Niskanen greets me at one of his favorite haunts, Mill City Cafe, pulling out a chair and offering to […]

Sunglasses so geek-chic

In July 2006 The Rake published an excellent essay by my good friend Peter Schilling in which he enthused about his SolarShield Fits-Overs – these, in essence, are some cheap and ugly-ass sunglasses that fit right over existing eyewear. Well, Mr. Schilling wrote today to inform he’s not the only male, Minneapolis-based media figure rocking […]

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