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For White People

You probably didn’t notice, but due to a bureaucratic mix-up, there was no Shortlist Music Prize awarded this year. The “Shorty” was a newish but well-respected award that tried to recognize serious pop and rock bands for doing important new work, regardless of popularity. The main symptom of doing important work was selling less than […]

The Fashion of Architecture

Which is hotter—fashion or architecture? It’s probably a toss-up. Celebrities jam the front rows as designers reveal their new collections; cities clamor to enlist globe-trotting starchitects to devise their spectacular new landmarks. (For that matter, so do fashion labels, Prada’s commissions for Rem Koolhaas being but one example.) Organized by British curator Bradley Quinn and […]


“Those gals look pretty darn nice in them,” quipped Minnesota marathon legend Dick Beardsley, referring to the extremely short shorts that elite women marathoners seem to prefer. “To me they look uncomfortable.” They are commonly called bun-huggers, but on the package, they’re called running briefs. While most of the guys along the Twin Cities Marathon […]

Old, New, Old, New

MUSEUM by Eeva-Liisa Waaraniemi Frozen in a Final Moment The Star Tribune and all other big boys in town have already blown the horn on this one, but maybe you, oddball that you are, only frequent obscure media channels and thus haven’t heard about it. Well, this is a show you shouldn’t miss. Put on […]

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