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Shandy is Dandy

Our first spring in Minnesota came late. It had not been much of a winter, in fact we felt fairly blasé about our capacity to survive Minnesota’s fabled frigidity. (But oh, how we have learned since!) The torrents pouring over St. Antony Falls inspired no particular shock nor awe, unlike the ceaseless roar of Spring […]

A Brief Inventory At Five A.M.

There were increasingly more mysteries than he could get his head around. The puzzle of texture, pattern, and repetition. The idiot wonder prompted by even the most prosaic mosaic or randomly occurring stain. Prompts, responses, and resolute silences from the interior continent. Sounds of no clear origin. Desires of no clear etc. Desires. Desire. The […]

Political Theater Starring a Convicted Felon

Fool for a Client, Mark Whitney’s politically-tinged Fringe show, is The Shawshank Redemption meets The Pursuit of Happyness. And not only is the painfully funny show tough to perform, since it chronicles some of the roughest periods of Whitney’s life, but it also attempts to examine many of the odd conflicts inherent in today’s political […]

Ain't That Pretty At All: Fun With Numbers

You pretty much have to trot out ever dis- word in your arsenal to describe the nightmares of the first five weeks of the 2006 Twins season: Discouraging. Dismal. Disheartening. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Disappointing. Discomfiting. Discombobulated. Distressing. Disastrous, E…T…C…. A team can be some of those things and still manage to be entertaining, but thus far […]

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