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Real World Situation

United 93 and Akeelah and the Bee “United 93″, 2006. Written and Directed by Paul Greengrass. With a cast of unfamous actors and actresses and many of the grounds crew, air traffic control, and, perhaps the star, Ben Sliney. Now showing at theaters throughout town. Around the turn of the last century, the Coney Island […]

Georgie Fame & Ben Sidran

Born Clive Powell in Manchester, England, Georgie Fame rose to, er, fame as a footsoldier in the sixties British Invasion, fronting the Blue Flames on a string of modest hits including a cover of Mongo Santamaria’s “Yeh Yeh” that went to number one in England, knocking out the Beatles’ “I Feel Fine.” Admirably, he never […]


Alan writes: Here is a picture from the Royal Palace in Visegrad, Hungary. King Corvinus made this palace his summer home and it is said the red marble fountains in the palace flowed with wine. We are sitting on a wall overlooking the Danube. Author(s) and Location: Alan and Sandy Flom

A Watery World

Unlike previous generations, who must have been chronically dehydrated by comparison, many young people today feel a need to carry around their own personal water supply clipped to a backpack or a shoulder bag. They often use a brightly colored plastic bottle with a screw-on cap known by its ungraceful brand name: Nalgene.These bottles had […]

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