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My Gingerbread Essence

When the A & J Gem Café of Uptown closed, I was despondent. During the hazy days of postcollegiate life, comfort food had a different meaning. What comforted me was anything but mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes, which haunted my youth. After college, what comforted me was food that was something I could call my […]

"We went crazy for a decade."

On a chill December night last year, hundreds of artists and art lovers of a certain age poured into the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to view a departed friend’s art collection. Dressed in eclectic attire, including one necktie that had formerly been its wearer’s ponytail, they milled about, hugging and shouting and laughing. They seemed […]

Singleton v. Ridder: Absolutely Breathtaking

Unlike your average legal filing, the complaint Dean Singleton’s Media News Group has dropped on Par Ridder and Avista Capital Partners is a damned good read. Maybe that’s because Singleton has hired a former Star Tribune reporter, Dan Oberdorfer, to bring the case against the new owners and operators of his old paper. The complaint […]

When The Earth Was New

Two Rivers director Juanita Espinosa says that for Native Americans, the present is “synonymous with the past.” This truth of native culture runs through the works in the gallery’s latest exhibit. In a seamless mesh of tradition and modernity, various interpretations of the concept of dodem (Ojibwe for “family”) and the original clan systems (Crane, […]

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