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Another Day, Another Column—the Streak Continues!

We got a kick out of DC SOB’s funny item today,

Who's Your Monster?

Gwoemul (The Host), 2006. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, written by Joon-ho and Baek Chul-hyun and Ha Won-jun. Starring Song Kang-ho, Ko A-sung, Bae Doon-na, Park Hae-il, Byeon Hee-bong, the cockeyed Paul Lazar, and, as the voice of the beast, Oh Dal-su. Now showing exclusively at the Uptown Theatre. There’s a multitude of beasts in The […]

Soap Fact-or-ee is the place to be

The Soap Factory’s 99 sale/fundraiser is tonight…. The basic rundown is this: The gallery’s putting up a bunch of 5 x 7 (as in, inches… INCHES!) original works–some by famous artists, some by regular enough folks (with cool jobs). But you’ll never know unless you buy something.

Ten Second Film Festival

After the last sizzling chunks of downtown Minneapolis’ fireworks drop into the river, head over to the Soap Factory for an open-air screening of dozens—perhaps a hundred! Maybe a thousand?—films before you go home. It’s fully possible when the films are just ten seconds long. But that’s time enough to experience pathos, hilarity, and maybe […]

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