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Liquid Incense

I must say I have never understood what the Playboy bunnies saw in Dr. Kissinger. Perhaps they’re professionally equipped to detect charm and wit where mere men miss it. Who knows, the long fluffy ears may contain hidden sensors programmed to relay subtle messages to secondary brains located in the bunnies’ gluteal powder puffs, which, […]

Chowhound ALIVE!

the spork carries no shame No disrespect to the fabulous AZ, but he isn’t the original Chowhound. For those of us with a driving desire to scour the cities of the world in search of the best grimy taco stand, Jim Leff is our Top Dog. He’s the food writer who created Chowhound, a community […]

I Told Myself I Would Quit

Will someone please think of the children? I keep trying to quit, but it’s an addiction. I know it’s bad for me. It raises my blood pressure, makes me wheeze, and makes my head hurt. It kills brain cells and it’s bad for the people around me. No, it’s not cigarette smoking. I quit doing […]

Richard Dawkins, A Devil’s Chaplain

If the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons picked up a genie’s lamp with three wishes, he might turn himself into Richard Dawkins: Celebrity scientist, bestselling Oxford evolutionist and atheist, inventor of the concept of memes, close personal friend of author Douglas Adams and husband of an ex-Doctor Who actress. He is one highly evolved […]

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