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Buzz Wrecker

A recent statistic indicates that total beer consumption in the United States is around 33 gallons per person per year for everyone 18 years and older. But wait a minute: If the legal drinking age in every state is 21, why are kids as young as 18 included in the statistic? Apparently someone in a […]

T-Day Seven Days Out: The Bird

The bird is the word. We used to go to my aunt’s house in North Oaks for Thanksgiving. I clearly remember her perched on a chair next to the oven, heater and scotch in one hand, turkey baster in the other as she dutifully doused the bird every five minutes. From that chair she barked orders […]

The Sweet Taste of Liberty

Until June 14, Camp Gitmo, the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was a controversial prison—to some, a necessary response to the war on terror; to others, a Bermuda Triangle of legal rights where suspected terrorists serve indeterminate sentences—but still, in pretty much everyone’s mind, a prison. Then, Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat […]

Aschburner on Garnett

Even from the coast of SW Florida I get the feeling of KG overkill in Twin Cities media. Nothing like a blockbuster sports deal in the dog days. I count myself among the “fans” who pretty much ignored the Timberwolves start to finish last season. I don’t recall (TM … Albert Gonzales, Dick Cheney) listening […]

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